Decoding Dyslexia North Carolina

Understanding Dyslexia: The Intersection of Scientific Research & Education

Be sure to watch the U.S. Senate HELP Committee hearing on
Understanding Dyslexia:The Intersection of Scientific Research & Education
Great testimony on the needs of dyslexic students in America.
Let’s #SayDyslexia and identify children early and teach them with scientifically proven methods so they can succeed in life.


Dr. Sally Shaywitz, Co-Director, Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity, Yale University School of Medicine
Mr. Ameer Baraka Author/Actor, Terrytown , LA
Dr. Guinevere Eden Director, Center for the Study of Learning, Georgetown University Medical Center
Mr. David Boies Chairman Boies, Schiller, & Flexner, LLP
Dr. Mark Mahone Director, Department of Neuropsychology, Kennedy Krieger Institute
Ms. April Hanrath Parent, Salt Lake City , UT

David Boies
“What is critical is that dyslexia be identified and that children with dyslexia get the help that they need at the time they need that help.”
“Third thing that early identification can do, is can help children understand that they’re not dumb, that they’re not stupid, that they can achieve and that can be sometimes the most important thing that a child can understand.  That they are not consigned to being slow the rest of their life.”
David Boies (Dyslexic)

“Early detection would have definitely detoured the road I chose.”
“Most powerful thing you can do in the world is read, to read.  It is a blessing to read.”
Mr. Ameer Baraka (Dyslexic)

“When we have the science we have to use it.”
“In the case of dyslexia we have the knowledge”
“We shouldn’t hold the dyslexic children back because we don’t have the knowledge to treat the others.  We have to make sure we are maximizing the education of all the children with disabilities.”
Dr. Sally Shaywitz