Decoding Dyslexia North Carolina

Taking Your Stories To DC!

Decoding Dyslexia North Carolina is heading to Washington DC July 11th for Decoding Dyslexia Hill Days. We will be providing Senators Burr and Tillis and our State Representatives with a packet of information on dyslexia and its effects on their constituents in North Carolina. We would like to include personal stories and concerns from you. Write ups can range from a few sentences to a page in length.
The topic of what you want to relay to your representatives is up to you.

Here are just a few examples of topics:
1. Examples of how your dyslexic child has struggled or succeeded in school.
2. Suggestions on how to make your school district or school better for dyslexic children.
3. How and when was your child diagnosed as dyslexic?
4. Did your child’s teacher or school know the signs of dyslexia? What can be done to help teachers?
5. What have you had to do to help your child succeed in school and life?
6. If you are dyslexic, what would you like to tell your representatives about your struggles and needs.
7. If you are a teacher, what do you think you and your colleagues need as support to help your dyslexic students.
The topics are endless!
We will only use first names unless you request that your last name be used too.  We will also need to know your county. Representatives are very interested in knowing if you are in their district.
All write ups will be proof read, so do not be afraid to send in write ups if you struggle with spelling and grammar. We need stories from dyslexic parents too.
Send stories to