Decoding Dyslexia North Carolina

My Future NC needs your input

The My Future NC Commission is on a listening tour across North Carolina.  It is time for them to hear about dyslexia an how it affects the literacy rate and the lives of so many North Carolinians.  There is still time to let our voices be heard and help guide North Carolina’s educational future.  Please attend if you can!
Schedule of Listening Tour

The Commission’s primary goal is to create a multi‐year plan and a broad‐based agenda for a stronger, more competitive North Carolina. The work of the Commission is to:

  • Develop a comprehensive statewide education plan, from early childhood through postsecondary education, which recommends clear attainment goals, identifies key benchmarks, and proposes promising reforms to guide the future of education in North Carolina.
  • Break down silos and coordinate key stakeholders to make the best use of all educational resources in the state.Debate the key issues and needs of the state to garner higher levels of public awareness and engagement.

“Our hope is that by the end of this process, the commission will recommend: a statewide goal for the number of North Carolinians who need education beyond high school; the benchmarks needed to help students succeed such as targets for kindergarten readiness, third-grade literacy, eighth-grade proficiency in reading and math, college readiness, and workforce alignment in critical areas; and the policy reforms and initiatives necessary to achieve these goals and targets.

To identify the goal, benchmarks, reforms and initiatives in a meaningful way, it’s critical that the commission hear from students, parents, teachers, employers, political leaders, and others from throughout North Carolina. myFutureNC is holding a series of listening sessions to hear from communities about their region’s economic strengths and to identify the education opportunities most needed to capitalize on those strengths.”