Decoding Dyslexia North Carolina

Alerts & Legislation

Legislation in North Carolina

This video was made in 2016. Since it was posted the North Carolina legislation has passed one law concerning dyslexia. HB149 was passed in 2017. It defines dyslexia and requires review of screening and teacher continuing education. The law is vague on how the these goals will be accomplished.

Teachers are still not being taught what dyslexia is and it’s signs at the university level even though it is the #1 learning disability. They are still using methods of reading instruction that will not help dyslexic children.
Please, keep telling your stories to your state representatives and school boards. They need to know what can be improved for our children to succeed. States like Oregon and Arkansas have passed comprehensive legislation for their dyslexic students and Georgia has a bill on the Governor’s desk. The North Carolina legislation needs to take a serious look at dyslexia and follow the lead of these states. The literacy rate will never have significant gains until the needs of dyslexic students are met.

State’s Reading Struggles Overview

The state of North Carolina needs to take a look at it’s higher education programs and how they train teachers to teach reading to our children. Teachers need to be taught about dyslexia and how these children learn. Read to Achieve will keep failing if the needs of these students are continually overlooked. -Decoding Dyslexia North Carolina #SayDyslexia

“Only 52 percent of first graders in North Carolina demonstrate reading comprehension, according to another report presented by Tara Galloway, director of K-3 Literacy at the State Department of Public Instruction. That number is 56 percent for second grade students, and the pass rate on third-grade end-of-year reading tests is only 55.9 percent. Over time, that pass rate has declined.”

Light it Up Red for the 1 in 5

Thanks for Lighting it Up Red North Carolina!

We would like to thank the Wells Fargo Duke Energy Center and the Cardinal Hotel for lighting it up red this Monday, October 15th for dyslexia awareness.
If you are in Charlotte or Winston-Salem Monday night be sure to check it out!
#SayDyslexia North Carolina