Decoding Dyslexia North Carolina

UNC System Report on Teacher Preparation

This is a must read! 
North Carolina universities need to provide course work and reading instruction to future teachers. The literacy scores will not go up in schools unless we start at the top. Reading is not a natural human ability. Dyslexic children need teachers that understand how to teach reading.
This needs to be made a priority in elementary teacher prep!

UNC System Report: Leading on Literacy: Challenges and Opportunities in Teacher Preparation Across the University of North Carolina System

Page 19
“Most candidates said that even though they may have taken a special education course, they really did not have practical coursework that gave them a collection of specific strategies for helping students who were having difficulty. All groups of candidates were asked specifically about what they had learned to do to teach a student who was having trouble with reading. In almost all circumstances, candidates could not articulate specific strategies or practices they would use to help such a student. Some candidates attempted to answer the question and said they would refer the student to special education or rely on a digital reading program. However, given the data that shows that many non-special education North Carolina students in the public schools have difficulties learning to read, it is concerning that candidates do not seem to have a clear repertoire of practices to use with those students. Candidates in Special Education seemed to have a better understanding of how to scaffold instruction and how to choose various interventions for struggling readers. However, the general inability of candidates, some of whom were already in student teaching, to talk knowledgeably about interventions for readers having difficulty was a troubling theme across all of the visits.”

Article about this study published in the News and Reporter
UNC should rethink how it teaches future teachers, study says


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  1. DH

    Speaking from experience with my own kids, a child with severe dyslexia will need so much more than the in-class instructor who may have received some outside training.

    The child will need one-on-one reading intervention and remediation from a highly trained individual who is certified to provide either a TIER II Intervention program or a TIER III Intervention program (depending on severity).

    In these instances, an educator with a Masters Degree in Special Education is simply not enough and isn’t properly trained to provide the remediation needed.

    Examples of training needed to properly remediate severely dyslexic children:

    *Tier II: Wilson Certified Level II Instructor

    *Tier III: Certified Take Flight/Certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT)/Dyslexia Therapy.
    (by Luke Waites Center/Scottish Rite Hospital Dallas, TX)

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