Decoding Dyslexia North Carolina

Mark your Calendars-North Carolina International Dyslexia Association Event

Learn About It…Talk About It…Understand It…

The North Carolina Branch of the International Dyslexia Association has invited Decoding Dyslexia North Carolina and the general public to join them for an outreach event on October 10th where we will have the opportunity to learn from a panel of experts about dyslexia.  The topics will include: What is dyslexia?, how to support your child, how dyslexia might affect children, experience dyslexia through a hands-on simulation activity, and learning the Myths and Truths about dyslexia.

The public is welcome to attend this event and we encourage them to do so.  This should be a great opportunity to connect with parents, educators and community members who are interested in learning more about dyslexia.  If you know of anyone in your community who might benefit from this event please invite them to join us. 

We look forward to seeing you there!
IDA-NC October Event

IDA-NC Event