Decoding Dyslexia North Carolina

Happy New Year!


New Year's Card MailingDecoding Dyslexia North Carolina wants to spread awareness about dyslexia and make our goals a reality!

In order to achieve these goals, state legislative action will be needed!

We are working on making legislative contacts throughout the state and need your help. State Representatives and Senators listen and answer to their constituents, so it is important for you to reach out to yours and tell them about your concerns regarding dyslexia and the issues that your children and/or you are facing.
This year, we are sending out New Year’s cards with our goals on them to the leaders of both the NC Senate and House of Representatives.  We are also sending cards to the entire House of Representatives Education Committee. We would have loved to have sent a card to each and every one of our legislators, but this was not feasible this year.
This is our double sided New Year Card that we mailed out.
We encourage each of you to send this as a New Year’s card too or as an insert in your own card with your family’s story to your Senator and Representative.  This is a great way to get dyslexia in front of our state leaders and make them aware that this is a state wide issue that must be addressed.