Decoding Dyslexia North Carolina

Dyslexia Hill Days in Washington DC

Decoding Dyslexia North Carolina was excited to attend Dyslexia Hill Days in Washington DC this summer!

We delivered each Representative and Senators office a packet that contained information about dyslexia, literacy statistics and stories from North Carolina parents about the struggles that they and their dyslexic children are facing.
Thanks to everyone who sent in their story!  If you submitted a story, we encourage you to reach out to your Representative and both your Senators and encourage them to read this packet and your story. Find Who Represents You
Senator Burr's OfficeRep Pittenger's office

We attended the first #SayDyslexia Rally!

The temperature was in the mid 90’s which might have scared off a few perspective rally attendees, but the lawn did have trees for us to huddle under to meet and hear the great speakers.  We were happy to have our red umbrellas for awareness and shade.
Heading to the #SayDyslexia Rally#SayDyslexia Rally#SayDyslexia Rallysaydyslexia logo

Thanks to all the great #SayDyslexia Rally Speakers and Advocates

  • LeDerick Horne: Dyslexic, Poet, & Advocate for people with disabilities                                       
  • Hal Malchow: International Dyslexia Association President
  • Will Marsh: Dyslexic & Dyslexia Advocate                                          
  • Nelson Lauver: Dyslexic, Advocate, Author & Entrepreneur
  • Scott Sonnon: Dyslexic, Advocate, Wellness Speaker & Fitness Trainer
  • Dr. Shawn Robinson: Dyslexic, Speaker & Researcher (Specialization: Gifted Black males with dyslexia)
  • Dr. Tracy Johnson: Dyslexic, CEO and Founder of Vessels of Hope & featured in HBO’s Journey into Dyslexia:Great Minds Think Differently
  • John Rodrigues: Dyslexic, Professional Ice Sculptor & U.S. Department of Education: Content Specialist  
  • Ameer Baraka: Dyslexic, Actor & Author of The Life I Chose-The Streets Lied To Me
  • Gwen Pescatore: Advocate, Community Facilitator #ParentCamp & Co-host of #ParentED 
  • Deb Lynam: Parent, Dyslexia Advocate &, Co-Founder of Decoding Dyslexia New Jersey

Decoding Dyslexia Virginia Student, Sara Jane has made a great video of the #SayDyslexia Rally

#SayDyslexia Rally Video

We were able to attend the Dyslexia Sessions on the Hill where Representatives and Senators were invited to learn more about dyslexia and its effects on the individual and society.
Hill Session

Hill Session

Hill SessionHill Session

Learning Ally and the YES! Ambassadors held a great children’s event where they discussed techniques on self advocacy.
SayDyslexia kids

Learning Ally Advocacy Event    Learning Ally Advocacy Event

Thanks to everyone who organized and participated in Dyslexia Hill Days!
Group picture dyslexia advocates
Remember it’s OK to #SayDyslexia North Carolina!
#SayDyslexia Rally