Decoding Dyslexia North Carolina

Thanks Chapel Hill!

Chapel Hill has proclaimed October as Dyslexia Awareness Month! Thanks Elizabeth Schifano for requesting this proclamation and helping spread dyslexia awareness in Chapel Hill. Thanks also to Robin Wallace of the Augustine Literacy Project and Mayor Pam Hemmington.
Thank you Trish Seres for helping accept this proclamation and speaking to Chapel Hill about the difficulties that dyslexics face and their strengths.

“According to Yale experts, dyslexia is the civil rights issue of this era, as we know what to do to address it, but it still is not being done in the majority of our schools. Far too many literacy programs do not address the auditory phonological processing deficits of dyslexia, though dyslexia represents roughly 50% of the literacy struggles in this country.” -Trish Seres
Chapel Hill Acceptance Speech

Be sure to watch the watch the Chapel Hill Proclamation Acceptance Speeches.
Minute 4:48-10:08

Chapel Hill Proclamation