Decoding Dyslexia North Carolina

Boy Scout spreads Dyslexia Awareness to earn his Eagle Scout

Logan Faulkner is a 14 year old Boy Scout who coordinated a Dyslexia Awareness Workshop at the Durham County Main Library on October 27th for Dyslexia Awareness Month as his Eagle Scout Leadership Project. His workshop consisted of a mix of clinical and educational professionals as well as successful working professionals who have dyslexia discussing their experiences within the dyslexic world.
Logan is dyslexic and felt the need to spread the word about what dyslexia is and how it impacts people who are dyslexic and their family.
Logan FaulknerLogan Faulkner

Logan wanted others to know, “You have to own it and will live with it your whole life. Dyslexia is not something bad…it is also a huge advantage.  Dyslexics are forced to think outside the box in ways most people do not.  You compensate with creativity.  Once you own it, it is a lot easier to learn how to adapt and make it a positive.”
Thank you Logan for speaking about the strengths of dyslexia!
Learning Ally-Eagle Scout Inspired By Max Brooks Dyslexia